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The AFFRA DeltaFlex is a fourth generation acoustic flowmeter designed to measure:

  • direct velocity
  • reflected velocity
  • stage
  • discharge
  • temperature
  • salinity
  • speed of sound
  • receiver gain
  • the ratio between the reflected and direct velocities

The AFFRA DeltaFlex can also log measurements directly to a TelelogTM TL-1, via RS-232 oder SDI-12 auf FieldlogTM FL-2x via RS-232 or SDI-12 to any datalogger.

Factsheet (Pdf)
Manual (Pdf)

AFFRA DeltaFlex<sup>TM</sup>


DischargeMeter DM-2xTM

Runoff water measurements using the Salt Dilution Method are efficiently done with the DischargeMeter DM-2xTM. You can use up to four probes, thus obtaining excellent quality control of measurement results. The large graphic display of the handset (PocketDischarge) continuously displays the measured values of all probes and you always have an overview of the salt cloud.

The integrated measuring electronics in the probe are simple to use, therefore measurement error due to cable defects or condensation on plugs, etc. is eliminated.

PocketDischarge can also be used with a single discharge probe DS-1TM and battery pack Akku-Pack CBB-9-LiIon as a simple measuring device.

Factsheet (Pdf, in German)
Manual (Pdf, in German)

DischargeMeter DM-2x<sup>TM</sup>

DischargeMeter DM-2xTM

Multi-probe MS-2xTM

The multi-probe MS-2X was developed specifically for long-term quality monitoring of surface water and groundwater. It originated as the MS-1 and was completely revised. It can detect up to 8 measured values with the same probe. The multi-probe MS-2x is contained in a strong, modular stainless steel case of diameter = 60mm, length = 430mm (options: D = 48mm, L = 360mm and D = 40mm, L = 320mm). This easy access to the sensors facilitates maintenance and inspection work; it also has built-in calibration algorithms that make adjustment and calibration of the measured variables (if necessary) simple and quick.

Measurable variables include:

  • temperature
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • O2
  • turbidity
  • ORP
  • level
  • limited nitrate
  • ammonium
  • potassium

Usually, the MS-2x is used as a probe for TeleLog TL-1 or FL-FieldLog 2x. As an option, the probe is available with an integrated data logger that uses the same query devices and software that is used by all other products in our company.

Fieldlog FL-3-512TM

Logger for Piezometer Tubes.

The Fieldlog FL-3-512 simultaneously measures level, temperature and conductivity (pH or O2 optional), thereby combining the functions of measuring probes and data logger. Equipped with the latest technology, it ideally fulfills the high standards of hydrology. All measurements have been calibrated and only the level offset needs to be entered, if requested.

Thanks to stable software base and integrated control-algorism an extremely high availability of data is guaranteed. The strong, integrated construction allows a quick and economic installation, as well as a trouble free operation.

The data can be recorded by a pluggable GSM modem module (Option) or alternatively, it can be logged directly into a notebook or into the DataTerminal.

The FieldLog FL 3-512 has a sophisticated data storage, which provides high data security and a very large storage capacity.

The sensors are combined with the logger electronics and mounted in a submersible housing. The compact design (with D = 40mm version available) and advanced technologies result in stability over the long term. The water level can be checked with an electric water level gauge without having to remove the logger.

Factsheet (Pdf)

Fieldlog FL-3-512<sup>TM</sup>

Fieldlog FL-3-512TM

Immersion probe PTS-4TM

The Immersion probe PTS-4 is intended for taking water level and temperature measurements in the field. With this probe, the water level is converted into an electrical signal. For temperature measurement, an accurate temperature measuring resistor is used. The housing is completely contained in a stainless steel stand with a special cable-pulley fastening.

The cable and connector provide a barometric pressure reading and wire rope suspension means the probe can be used anywhere (ideal for inaccessible areas).

Factsheet (Pdf, in German)
Level Measurement with Pressure Probes (Pdf, in German)

Tauchsonde PTS-4<sup>TM</sup>

Immersion probe PTS-4TM

Multicom MC-2x (Zubehör zu Telelog TL-1TM)

Das MultiComTM MC-2x is a communication device for automatic FTP publication. The data from the Telelog TL-1 and FL-2x are automatically exported to one or two different FTP servers. Here, a readable text format is used.

The settings allow data maintenance, where the FTP server automatically eliminates old and redundant files, making manual deletion of files unnecessary.

In addition to the serial time values, instantaneous values and over limit alerts are sent to the FTP.

Settings are coordinated; the clock of the data logger with the internet clock, but the daylight-saving time switchover is NOT included.

An inverse function for data publication allows the user to poll data from stations other than the FTP server and transfer them to the COM2. It allows data queried from up to four different stations. Thus, a data converter DC-1-4 can be connected, which then converts the four values into analog signals.

Manual (Pdf, in German)

Multicom MC-2x

Multicom MC-2x