Kern Electronics Switzerland

Our services

Development & Manufacturing

Our main activities include the development and manufacture of advanced instruments and data recorders.

To complement this, we provide you with support for all of your data collection needs:

  • Evaluation of the measuring devices (sensors, etc.) and the appropriate data recorders and analysis software
  • Planning and installation of turnkey environmental monitoring stations
  • Installation in inaccessible locations (ravines, underside of bridges) without scaffolding and crane trucks
  • Monitoring and evaluation of data stations
  • Rental (or lease) of equipment, from individual probes to whole stations

Of course, you can combine our services to meet your needs (e.g. temporary care station due to holiday absences).


All products (except alarm devices for Certas / Securitas) from our range, may also be rented. The rental period is unlimited, but normally lasts at least 2 weeks. The exact amount of the leased equipment and matching services (provision of equipment, including configuration, data analysis, management of the station, etc.) is determined by the client and our staff.

Note. Accessories such as modems, hydro pockets, sensors, etc. can be rented only with accompanying devices.

For answers to questions or to obtain a detailed quote for your requirements: send a request

Rental equipment

FThe following devices are currently available for you to lease:

  • FL-2x (2 analog inputs, precipitation)
  • TL-1A (7 analog inputs, precipitation)
  • FL-3-512 (level, water temperature and conductivity)
  • MS-1 (temperature, conductivity, pH, oxygen, turbidity)
  • Stations for TL-1 and FL-2x (including solar power, GSM modem, etc.)
  • Rain gauge
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Wind speed and direction

If you cannot find the desired instrument in this list, please contact us. We are happy to find a solution.