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Hydrological Data Management System

«HydroPro is the extensive solution for the management of hydrological data – it is a tool that couldn't be missed in our daily work»

A. Eberhard, Federal Office for Water and Geology (Switzerland)


HydroPro is a modern comprehensive and sustainable system solution and a central data management system for hydro-meteorology and environmental protection.

Fully automatically, historic and current measuring data can be collected, received, processed, interpreted, stored and published in the desired form.

HydroPro could also be called the «brain of the hydrologist»: ecades of measurement and billions of data are ready and accessible at any time by pushing a button.

In development projects HydroPro is also used in Macedonia and the Aral Sea basin States.

HydroPro is the reliable tool for the modern hydro-meteorology!

HydroPro at a glance

1. Data entry


  • Complete registration of all measuring data of the gauging stations.
  • Direct queries of gauging stations fully automatically via modem, satellite, mobile phone.
  • Plots of water level recorders will be digitised directly into HydroPro.

2. Data management


  • Transparent and complete administration of any amount of stations.
  • Saving a data fully automatically and assign it to the right station.
  • Efficient administration of results of water quality analyses.

3. Data processing


  • Fully automatic calculation of statistical values such as hourly, daily, monthly and yearly mean values.
  • Fully automatic calculation of discharge and control graphs.
  • Flood water or low level water forecast

4. Publication


  • Fully automatically and constantly actualised publications directly onto the desired website.
  • Creation of year-book pages with the necessary tables and diagrams.
  • Instant information in the event of flood water