Kern Electronics Switzerland

Hydrometry & Meteorology
– Years of experience in the water measurement

Clear goals

Our main focus is always the customer’s benefit.
We specialize in finding the best and most appropriate solution for each customer’s needs. With our extensive know how of the fields of hydrometry and meteorology together with our constant interaction with emerging technology, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art products for any kind of condition, which we can also modify and improve upon, as needed, with customized solutions using our continued education and the consistent application of our resources within the field of technology.

We are your specialized partner for challenging tasks: from designing a station, to the selection of the data recorders and the installation of the station, to implementing the required flood protection alarm.

We are your partner for short term tasks.
Services: For temporary contracts we have a stock of instruments and stations on hand for rental. We can do data evaluation (simple to complex) for you. This way, you save on investing in equipment and always have the newest, state-of-the-art instruments.


We ensure the same quality with the development and manufacture of our equipment and also with the installation and assembly of premade, ready to use turnkey stations from other specialists.

Thanks to computer assisted production, we achieve the most accurate, reproducible production processes with outstanding quality.

Development & Manufacturing

All our own products are designed, developed and manufactured by us. Some production steps are carried out by subcontractors, whereby we work primarily with Swiss companies. In addition, we supply a targeted selection of high-quality sensors from domestic and foreign manufacturers.